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Is this File System exFAT supported in Linux?

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1 Is this File System exFAT supported in Linux? on Wed Oct 10, 2012 5:46 pm

I am Curius because I use mostly Linux since i find it faster and safer! I have an external Hard Disk and I am willing to try out the exFAT File System if its supported in Linux!

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open the Terminal in Linux and type the following commands is small letters I am only showing them in capitals so that you can follow it more easily!

SUDO SU then press ENTER

Then it will ask for your User Password, type it out and press Enter!


After you press Enter a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement that Google has bought from Microsoft to use their exFAT file system on Google's Mobile Android Linux Operating System that can be used on mobile devices if you've enabled root access or are using an SD card larger then 32GB) for the free exFAT file system implementation project message will load up!

Once again you have to press ENTER to Continue

Then after executing this command in the terminal and a few seconds later you should type APT-GET UPDATE and press ENTER! This is to make sure that everything that is needed for this package to work is up to date!

And then at last the final command you should type in the terminal is APT-GET INSTALL FUSE-EXFAT press ENTER to finally install the support for exFAT on Linux!

It will ask you one more time if you would like to Continue? then Press Y as in Yes and press ENTER!

As of now after you exit the Terminal you should start enjoying the support of the exFAT file system on Linux!

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3 Link availabilty on Fri Jan 04, 2013 2:31 am

Why the link is shown in the post.. pls change this settings for our reference..

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